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This entry and its comments are to serve as an archive of plagiarism committed by LillyAnn, aka Barbara Calandrello.

I've been running searches through, but it's a slow process. It is astonishing how many of her articles are lifted word for word from others.

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Written by a lady named Benecia. Aug. 15, 2007

Plagiarized version posted Jul. 6, 2008

is there nothing this woman won't ctrl+c, ctrl+v? and who would really be that blatant, i mean even middle school students take the time to mix it up a little when they copy each other's papers.

I vote we contact LinkedIn and Google Adsense to suspend LillyAnn's account. Espically Adsense, as site is profiting $$$ with plagiarized content.

Horrific ethic violations aside (one of the plagiarized material was from a dead scholar) not to mention "spiritual fraud", this site must not be allowed to continue operating and profiting from stolen intellectual property. Filing FTC fraud forms are important, but we need to act on the site's financial revenue model so that this individual (whomever he/she is) cannot continue defrauding others and making $ from it.

When enough of us do this, Google will take notice and suspend if not terminate serving up its ads to .

note: i installed ScrapBook on FireFox and made quick copies of everything linked in these posts that might be taken down (not the originals, just the copies, and some of the more ironic pages from the site).

if the incriminating evidence disappears, i'll have copies.

Also. The YouTube video on the seahorse page is stolen too. All you have to do is click on the "comments" link and it takes you to the owner (a 20-something guy in England) LOL! I mean, it's all so blatantly stolen!

i am, as we speak, preparing a listing of all the pages i have saved, the ScrapBook app did a brilliant job of it. before the day's over i'll have a comprehensive archive of all these things (and anything else y'all can post in these comments here! let's catch everything we can before she makes it go away!)

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