hello, world.

homedotSo, um.  Not now, OK?

oh by the way, this is a bare wordpress theme -- not a child theme, completely unaltered, nothing but the customizer. It's called Moesia, and it's so awesome that when I went to buy the premium (and it was slightly over budget) I realized I literally didn't need even one of the additional features! It's the most pro free theme I've ever met, and the only time I've ever kept my filthy lizard paws out of anything's innards. It's extraordinary. 

Right, and the site's in there somewhere, you know, up there, down there. Some other stuff is over there, and I plan to do a bunch of babbling about bicycles in the near-ish future, covering the last three or so years, as if that matters. It might not, it might, but they are stories and I feel like putting them somewhere, and here's nice and quiet so why not.

Oh, and I finally got around to doing that Strava thing and have placed my widget above all others in the sidebar, so that I may flaunt my insufferability suffering score, since I am now Strava-ing with a heart monitor. I've only been recording it a week and I regret fiercely not keeping better track of the whole 3 years, but oh well. 

I've been many things over my many years on the internet, let's see how "annoying cycling enthusiast" works out for me, yes?