bill gates again

dreamt about bill gates again last night, but he was head of a pizza empire. he was still the same old bill, but he ate a lot of pizza which i, as his assistant, had to go to the grocery store to order for him. & yeah, as always with the bg dreams, i was doing him, except this time there was no melinda around, as far as i could tell. i had to go walking because i needed to be in better shape, even though it was raining. i kept trying to go back in the office/bedroom to get exercise clothes but he always had other stuff for me to do. really busy guy. oh & there were these people moving into my place, as always with my dream apartments it was absolutely huge with lots of weird rooms & passageways. they were going to be sponging off me, they had all their little raggedy possessions in their little raggedy car that had a window missing & it was raining in on their stuff. then bill needed heart surgery, (maybe all the pizza?) & some young female celebrity – jenna elfman? donated some part of her heart, & was on the cover of magazines in a surgical gown looking all un-made-up & brave & beautiful.

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