cute burglars from harvard

this one’s kinda patchy in parts – ok first of all i got up in the middle of the night & saw an email from mike at tripleB about joining the dreamlog, so he got into the dream that way, i suppose – i was telling him to get DSL, & he was really happy with it, & i explained how it goes over the same phone line with these awesome compression algorithms & then somehow he got signed up twice, so i was trying to help him figure out how to fix that, when these guys from harvard broke into my house. they were trying to use that, we’re really cute guys from harvard & we get away with this sort of thing to charm their way out of getting in trouble, & it worked, to a point. apparently there was some noise & this old biddy from upstairs (i was living in an unfamiliar two story apartment building) came running downstairs in her curlers & a robe to express her disapproval by banging on the door & running away – pretty spry for a senior citizen, i must say. & i’m all, it’s only 7:30 you bitch! but anyway. then it gets fuzzy but later on i get a call, it’s the operator babbling something about person to person & i’m all, do you mean it’s collect? it was the guys from harvard. so i accepted the charges & bitched them out for being big rich spoiled harvard kids calling poor little me collect, then i remembered i’d asked them if they could get me a little something out of the chemistry lab & told them to call me collect if they could get it, so i started apologizing profusely all in the same breath – they never really got to say anything, & then i started waking up…

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  1. Oh. my. god. Is this the first post from the Surreally days? I see the content is gone but just to have some sort of proof that it all went that far back is mind-blowing.

  2. All I had was my portion of the dreamlog, sadly most of the surreally stuff is really, really gone. I have *some* stuff from the very, very early days of Surreally when it was just me, then just Mic and me, but it’s pretty unspectacular, and most or all of the links are broken.

    I lost a lot — 2004 and 05, and the best of surreally. I may someday attempt to harvest what I can from the waybackmachine, it’s on my to-do list 🙂

  3. Do you know what, boiled down, a feed is? Is it a code that catches some sort of webbot, or is it a server push or javascript? I’ve been trying to make my hacked-up template RSS feed but it won’t. Even signed up for services that are supposed to make it feed but it breaks the code. Did you write your own feed code for this page?

  4. Nah, it’s just WordPress. Standard WP stuff.

    On godlizard, I use feedburner, but to do that you do need a working RSS in the first place. Feedburner’s cool because it’ll track your subscribers (not by name, but by type of feed-reader used), and tell you how many clicks from RSS.

    I think Google has a thing now where it’ll try to make an RSS out of a site that doesn’t have a proper XML document to parse, but I’ve not tried it (nor can I recall what it’s called).

    My feed reader is constantly at 1000+ unread, but it has helped me keep up with things, or at least, know how many things I’m not keeping up with, using RSS.

    Doesn’t blogger have standard templates you could just implement? Blogger = google, they surely must have that sort of thing around?

  5. “a proper XML document to parse”

    Oh that’s funny, when I run my template through validation services they go bonkers. Totally batshit. Nothing is correct.

    Blogspot has feeds but my template is totally hacked and it barely works. I am scared that if I throw a new template in I’ll lose my archives or something. Oh well. Stuck in the dark ages.

  6. but an RSS template would totally not break your main site. but just in case, go in first and copy/paste your existing template code into a text file (notepad) and save, so you can put them back if something bad happens.

    and you know, i was looking at it last night, and although it is a beautiful design, it’s way hard to read. is it that way on purpose, as kind of a statement against … or for … or about something? because when the text is over the part with the stars, you just can’t see it. on my ginormous lenovo laptop it’s cool, but if i was reading it on a netbook those stars are big as the whole screen.

    you should do wordpress instead. that way you’d have good RSS *and* you could install wp-touch so people who read things on their phones could totally read things on their phones.

  7. It just appears different on different screens. The whole thing is a 10th generation hacked up template that started years and years ago and that I built from ground up and modified modifications on top of modifications. It’s trashed.

    It looks perfect on my home monitor but all out of place on others. I don’t know how to use an image for a background and have it scale properly.

    Yeah WP is probably the way to go, start over totally. I just don’t want to pay for it.

  8. And yes, maybe it is a statement for or against something. I just don’t know what. It’s more a statement of my ineptitude at writing code that validates.

  9. umm, wordpress is totally free. totally. free.

    if you don’t want to do it on, you know I’ve got server space. always. I host a bunch of people. and that’s free too (because these days a ginormous hosting package runs about $7/month)

  10. I’m working on stuff, rebuilding a fully functional template that validates (somewhat…) and feeds. If you’re hosting that’s a possibility but right now I’m trying to figure this out.

    You bring up the phone/screen size thing and that’s my main quandary. I have to grapple with the fact that people use different internet devices, and making a template that validates is half the battle. This is a fatal flaw in my hand-coded pages. I can’t keep up with standards and the changing world of internet devices.

    Instead of using Dreamweaver or some software I’m just hand-building stuff out of images. I want to use an image as a background but don’t know how to make an image scale across different platforms/sizes. I don’t even know if it’s possible to fix an image as a background regardless of size of screen.

    Am I fighting a neverending battle trying to handbuild this stuff? Should I just change my lines of thought and use Dreamweaver or something like it that would maybe force me to design better pages? The reason I hesitate is because I don’t do this for fun and I’m stuck in basic html and the world is changing.

    Ventura is really big. I thought it was a smaller town, but it looked big. The whole Ventura/Oxnard area sprawls on and on. I’m thinking of moving, first choice is Arcata hippieville dropout redwoods second choice Cambria (my friend Bob lives there). Living near Joshua Tree would be sweet too, I fell totally in love with it.

  11. I start out with template frameworks (this one is built on the Hybrid framework, It’s like a blank canvas with which to begin designing.) Hybrid is just freaking awesome, I love it. There are child frames you can add on (for instance, see, that’s hybrid with a child theme). This one’s totally custom, but I didn’t have time with the Kurtwood site, so thats’s just a basic template with a different header graphic.

    At the present there is no way to scale a background using pure CSS/HTML — there are javascripts that do it, but it’s still very impractical, since you could be dealing with an iPhone at 480 x 320, or a Droid at 852 x 400, all the way up to my ginormous Lenovo at 1920 x 1200. So you either create a background that repeats, or you do clever things with layered backgrounds that expand to fit the screen size.

    But having a whole separate set of templates that run on mobile devices is the best way to worry about phone people — and I find more and more people these days are visiting from phones.

    WP has the plugins, there are so many and they are SO COOL. I freakin’ love WP so much.

    You’d like Ojai. Ever been there? Total hippie/artist thing up there, though maybe a bit on the annoyingly upscale end of the spectrum, at least for my taste. But still, gorgeous up there, and very eclectic folks. I think they even have a film festival? I forget.

  12. Yay! I did the blogger “follow” thing, and tried to do the RSS but Google Chrome (for some reason) sucks major hiney when it comes to handling RSS feeds. It’s all good though, pretty sure when I blogger-follow it goes straight into my RSS reader.

    Me? I’m adding all the listings in my new local directory site for places in our little beach area ( to Foursquare. You can see that palm tree down there gets good use … I like that tree. I have used it in three websites so far.

  13. It’s all set up on Feedburner and stuff now. Blogger uses wrappers in their templates and they bite the big weenie.

    I started a free WordPress site but for the free ones that they host they don’t let you customize the template much at all. I didn’t want to mess with getting a domain name and stuff. Maybe someday.

    Statcounter says you come from St. Louis. That’s hilarious. I think when I hit sites from work I show up as Memphis TN.

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