high rise

the highest building between LA & SF is the 22 story Dean Witter building in Oxnard, so my high rise dream was set there, but it was different – the DW building is the highest point for miles, with great views from all sides, but the side with my office faced a large construction or repair project, which was just as high & featured many large machines being operated right on the precarious edge of a precipitious drop. the windows were all full length & so of course i felt my acrophobic vertigo, that feeling of being dizzily sucked towards the edge, to where i’d have to cling to the walls to walk in the room. i was working for an employment service, some of our clients had real workers comp issues, but management was trying to make it out like it was the employees fault, which i clearly knew was not the case.

to get around in the building, like to the cafeteria or the health club, i had to use the stairs, the elevators were way, way too scary, all tilt-y, vertigo city. while i was on the stairs, i was looking for a place to change clothes, i was wearing my jammies & looked like hell in them. in the cafeteria (often lots of food in my dreams) there was a buffet lunch & many of the employment clients, who were obvioulsy poor & exploited, were trying to hoard food, and i was trying to help them.

then i found out i was pregnant, then i woke up.

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