end of the world party

so first, the plane crashes into the ocean, but we’re all ok. there’s lots of paddling around in rafts, & lots of conflicts about where we’re to go. there is a cast of characters, you’d think they were picked by the producers of survivor.

we land on a postapocalyptic island with a small, tyrranical government that does not allow alcohol at parties, & it’s one long party there. there’s a bar, but why? my daughter & her friends want me to buy them booze, we’re thinking, something cheap – flavored wines or liquors, i believe ripple is mentioned. we have to wait for the king to go away, we’ve bribed or otherwise convinced one of his underlings to allow us to drink at the party. much drinking ensues.

outside, on the shore, there is a patio constructed out of stone. the ocean is full of huge rocks, towering, craggy & beautiful as the ocean surges around them. the sky turns the most beautiful color – i cannot describe this color, it is perhaps a an entirely new color, (related to the apocalypse?) & i must get a picutre of it with my digital camera. i am looking for something to climb up on so i can get a picture of the whole sky without all these people in the way. then abruptly the sky changes back to a more normal color, with a patch of brilliant yellow still around the setting sun, again, i can’t get up high enough to get a clear picture. why didn’t i just aim the camera straight up when the sky was that new color? now i’ll never remember it.

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