food service

?two nights ago?
so I had to go to oregon to take care of my parents – they told me they were paying fifty grand a year for long term care & i was all, no, i’ll do it for less than that, but when i got there it turned out they didn’t really have any money, that’s just what it would have cost if they could have paid it. so they’re now living in a rural area that is kind of a backwoods senior housing development, & the houses are all too small, with too much stuff in them – a lifetime’s accumulation of stuff, packed into what space seniors can afford. so i have to get a job. it’s going to be managing a restaurant – but first i have to learn the day to day operations, but as a waitress, i suck. i mean, i can’t even get a potato in the microwave without it being all smashed up & mixed with chocolate cake.


?last night?
i have to get to work, i’m the new waitress where my daughter works. it’s my second day, i was late yesterday & am already late again, i don’t want to go, because i suck at the job. i know they need me to be there, it’s a busy night. i can’t find my car. i’m walking through bad neighborhoods in really uncomfortable shoes. some ghetto bitch wants to fight me, i’m not the least bit scared by those moves. my feet hurt, i am *not* in the mood for this. i kick her ass, now people seem to respect me. i’m still trying to find the damn car, i’m looking through these trashy apartements, then one of them burnt down (i didn’t do it! i swear! ok, maybe i did, but c’mon, who cares?). i need to catch the bus to get to my car, & i just miss it. i’m trying to call in to say i can’t make it, but all i get is this automated menu food delivery service, you know, press one for lunch, two for dinner, but i can’t get through the maze of options to leave a message that i’m not coming in. some friends (from my day job) have a new place, i stop by there & they’re mad because my feet are all grungy & they’re in the middle of shampooing the rugs. i run into my daughter. she knows the real number to work but she won’t tell me. i could call 411 but that costs money on this cell phone. we walk home. there is a skateboard or rollerblade shop, still open at this time of night, then suddenly the sidewalk cuts through a boutique! cool clothes, & i need shoes! i have no money! why didn’t i go to work?

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