i have my gun

there are bad guys (of course). we’re in a parking garage that has some odd living quarters embedded in one of the top levels, but this is near the bottom level. chris has kurtwood in one of the cars, a station wagon. they are already out of the garage. i am going to drive the other car (?), but i have to get to it, i have to get past the bad guys.

i have my gun. it’s a shiny, silver gun, it looks modern, i don’t know what kind it is, or really how to shoot it, but i have to try. the bad guys are shooting at me? then there are cops. i think, i can’t just drop it, what if it goes off. then the gun is out of my hand & the cops are frisking me (hey, this isn’t bad!), asking me if i have any other weapons, i say no. i explain to them that i’m not supposed to have guns but … you know, there are bad guys … so they understand, they tell me they won’t call it in, but i have to take the bullets out. i open up the cylinder that has the bullets in it & take them out & think, what if there’s one in the chamber? this is a revolver, right? do revolvers have one in the chamber? is that how these things work? i don’t know.

so i leave, with my gun, i’ve taken out all the bullets i can, but it’s maybe not empty? i’m to follow chris home, even though i’m very, very tired to be driving. i have my gun, though. it’s under the passenger seat.

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