my phone & my camera

it’s a long dream, i can’t begin to relate it all, but the subplots all revolved around me being separated from my phone & my camera. some bitch stole them & i had to retrieve them by breaking into her car – then i had to go digging around her other stuff (somewhere) to find the case (the camera was out of its case! damn her!). i then had a backpack which i wore as a frontpack so i could keep track of the camera & the phone. weird other things were going on: (why are we being kicked out of the institution? why are we all working at some trashy thrift store version of home depot? why is dano wearing those headphones that aren’t plugged into anything & singing in front of the boss? where is my website hosted? on the microwave in the breakroom? well that explains a lot.) but everywhere i went, no matter what, it was always about losing, & then subesquently finding, my cell phone & my camera.

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