i have friends who travel to other dimensions. they can either mist themselves with this pump spray full of a dimension solution, & relax, & they will be transported. alternatively, there is this tiny tiny airplane, which they can get in & as it takes off, they pass through. the airplane will pass through matter, which appears to fragment, but then you can watch it rearrange itself. i tell people & they don’t believe me but then it happens right before their eyes & they still barely believe.

then an airplane explodes over Scottsdale, AZ, & a nuclear bomb detonates in the air. my friends from the other dimension know about this before it comes on the news, so i’m trying to get through because i know there is more infomation. i spray myself with the solution (hardly any left) & try to relax, i can feel myself almost slipping into the other dimension, but i’m too tense.

the sky goes misty white, & it begins to rain. i ask how much radiation is in the rain & someone says, 18 joules, & i’m trying desperately to remember how many joules translate to how many rads or visa-versa & how much we can tolerate. we are on a beach boardwalk, & one of the people i’m with says, hey, watch this, & flips a switch that causes a square patch of the boardwalk beneath our feet to go down like an elevator. confused, i step off, & it descends rapidly. i know i have to get down there because it’s his bomb shelter, so i jump in, it’s a couple stories down but i float down without injury. at the bottom there is a hallway into a couple of little subterranean rooms. oddly enough, there’s a window, but of course it looks out on solid earth.

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