where there’s smoke ther’s fire

so we’re in this house on the hill, & there’s a huge fire. the person’s house, i think it’s my sister-in-law but she has a new husband, there had been a plane crash on the hill before & he was the pilot. i can see the scars on the hills from the plane crash. the pilot had a horrible leg injury & i’m looking at pictures of the reconstruction process on the internet. i’m trying to tell people, nieces & nephews, about my website but they don’t care. the firemen are taking a break on the lawn, smoking huge cigars that are burning all the way through. the flames are close by now, & there is a helicopter directly overhead, & i go outside & it shines its light directly down at me. i start thinking we should start packing our stuff – i’m looking at the tangled wires behind my computer & thinking i’ll do that thing where i just unplug it from the wall & leave it all plugged into itself & move it all together, so i’ll have time to get my favorite clothes. out on the lawn, my sister-in-law has given the firemen large glass pipes, i think they are smoking speed & i think, well, they need their energy, it’s ok.

then i’m in my car, i’m not sure where i’m going, but things have changed, apparently in the rebuilding after the plane crash. i am trying to get on the freeway but i end up in this park & ride area, & almost drive off a bunch of badly graded ramps. i get out of my car, walk away, & hear a noise. i panic, realizing i’m out of my car, out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, so i hurry back to the car, trying to put my shoes on as i go. i get back in the car, but to get out of the park & ride area i keep having to get out & almost carry the car down some of the embankments.

so anyway then i’m at this government agency type place – a post office? a jail? i may be trying to get help for the fire. you can smoke there but i don’t have any cigarettes. i’m trying to figure out where i’ll get money for some smokes. i’m carrying one of the firemen’s glass pipes in a paper sack & i drop it & i’m thinking, uh-oh, how am i going to tell him i broke his favorite pipe. i leave the building through these electronic surveillance type turnstyles & think, glad it didn’t know i was carrying that pipe.

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