credible threat

i only remember the end of the dream: after rescuing my son from a very, very deep, very creepy swimming pool, he is back in school. in the next room from his classroom, there are row after row of satellite dishes, all pointing the same direction. then, one by one, they all start to swivel to face another direction, & the level of activity in the room increases dramatically (well, the number of things beeping & flashing, there are no people in the room, except me, & i’m not supposed to be there). i don’t understand, then a wall monitor flickers on, it’s a child, saying there is a credible threat, repeat, there is a credible threat. i rush out of the room, stand outside a minute, racking my brains for an excuse to get my son out of school without telling anyone what i know, & maybe try to convince them to send all the kids home? the teacher is telling me (in a stern teacher voice) that my son has missed too much school already, & i can’t just take him out on a whim. i can’t get them to evacuate the class unless i tell them what know, & i can’t tell. i decide to just grab my son & run, then i wake up.

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