crime spree

so there are two simultaneous crime sprees. there are some really bad people, i think maybe escaped convicts, in a beat up old van, & then my group, composed of a pair of comic-movie type bad guys, a pregnant 30-something woman who may or may not be kind of a hostage but not really, & a 50-something real estate lady who’s doing it because her life is boring. i alternate between being the two women. we are driving an SUV. we are using some sort of stolen credit card, which happens to be the same person’s card as the really bad guys have, so the cops think we’re them.

at some time i stop to buy a box of eight thank you cards. i need to send thank you cards.

then of course we are arrested. i was going to get out of the car but then figured, they think we’re the really bad guys, so i just sit still & keep my hands where they can see ’em. so i’m at the jail, it’s not my usual dream jail which is a really lenient place that lets me have my cell phone & i’m going to get out any moment, it’s much more of a strict atmosphere, & i understand i’m going to be there a long time, maybe never get out. i am hoarding things which i hope they will let me take in with me, including a little pad of yellow paper, i’ll be needing to write. i am trying to figure out how i’m going to explain this to my significant other, who in this dream is played by someone other than my RL significant other, & this is making me very sad, because i love him. i’m thinking that maybe if i plead out early & show lots of remorse maybe i’ll only do jail time, not prison. but another part of me knows there’s no chance of that.

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