cheap date

andr? is not technically champagne. champagne comes from the champagne region of france or something. this is ?charmat method sparkling wine: secondary fermentation before bottling?. in other words, carbonated ripple.

i’m ok with that. at three something a bottle, i can totally afford to get smashed with my ole buddy the internet tonight. yes, i do have friends who are actually online tonight, names omitted in case they don’t want to be ?outed? for being in the AIM on new year’s [i’m ?surreallydotcom? if you’re reading this tonight & you are too]. i however have no shame. this is what i had planned, it’s what i want to be doing tonight. i would rather be here than anywhere else.

socializing is fun too, but i plan to do that in vegas in august. i will celebrate new years where i feel most at home. here.

3 thoughts on “cheap date

  1. i’m staying home tonight too. we’ve been working on end-of-year things and decided to skip the party tonight. plus, i had a massive workout this morning and will run down before midnight, i’m certain.

    happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year, KD! I’ll be floating around myself tonight. Don’t have aim though. lol… Truth is I avoid im with a passion. But I’ll be thinking of you 🙂

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