i am feeling the cumulative effects of stress & excess. it is the inevitable post-christmas crash, in which i’m wishing i could have done even less than i did, spending-wise, because my visit to the grocery store was incredibly angsty, almost angry. what? cat food went up a buck & a half? well, kitty gets the off brand. two-fifty for a loaf of bread? wtf?

every price tag pissed me off. maybe i shouldn’t have gotten started posting this because at the beginning, i was slouchy & sleepy tired, & now i’m sitting up straight with edgy energy bunching up my neck muscles.

i’m entertaining this as a possible excuse to fire up the AIM & stay up too late. must resist. must resist.

2 thoughts on “fatigue

  1. Sounds like you need a neck rub, sweetie! And I know exactly how you feel. Hubby and I always go way over budget and then pay dearly for it later. Thank goodness it comes only once a year is all i can say. Stay strong, and you’ll make it through. You always do, right?

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