for those about to rock

well, i’ve been feeling kind of wheezy these past few days. & i’m not the sort of person that reliably keeps up my prescriptions for this sort of thing, i go to the drugstore & do over-the-counter remedies. so, when i start feeling like this, which is to say, a little worse than otc remedies can relieve, i have to improvise.

some time ago, my son got a little wheezy with a bad cold, & his doctor gave him liquid albuterol. since he doesn’t have ongoing asthma issues, the bottle is still there in the bathroom. & yes, liquid albuterol is every bit (if not more) effective than it’s inhaled counterpart. i’m just beginning to feel it. my lungs feel great. there is just one problem.

i am wired off my ass. i mean, vibrating wired. & i very carefully measured a 3/4 t. dose, that’s exactly what is prescribed for a four year old. actually, i don’t know why i called it a problem. i’m not restless or out of sorts at all, just very, very, very awake. ooh, & i have so many projects to choose from! i could make a little database for the blogcon, i could do some inspired stylesheeting & make Jilly a nice new blog, i could do the sister-of-Jilly’s (i’m bad with names) new templates… or how about all of the above? yes!

2 thoughts on “for those about to rock

  1. Jilly’s sister’s name: Shelley. And Jilly says–oh yeah, albuterol. When I first started using it for my asthma it scared the hell out of me, but now it’s just a cheap way to get a thrill.

  2. right! Shelley! Jilly! it rhymes, almost, if you pronounce it that way. if i have a mnemonic i can remember better…

    anyway, inspired stylesheeting is on my agenda for tomorrow, Jilly & Shelley, or at the latest, tuesday.

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