geek weekend

what kind of girl spends her sunday afternoon up to her elbows in PHP & MySQL? well, that would be me. i’d like to say i’m really, really, geeky for that, but the fact is, i had a helluva time making the thing do what it does. but it does it, so i guess i’m not complaining here.

what it is is, a database of folks planning on attending the blogcon. it has an entry screen, a publicly accessible listing of current signups, & an admin piece in a passworded directory where the planning people can enter, edit, & delete records.

if i told you how happy it made me when i made the sites on the list into links, on the first try, well, that might seem just a wee bit pathetic. see, i’ve been messing with this stuff a little, in the line of duty, but i am still such a novice. however, novices can find happiness in the simplest of things…

so anyway, here it is.

4 thoughts on “geek weekend

  1. If you’re really ever super concerned about what people enter into your web site you could do this: Add a column to the entries table called status – a char(1). Consider ones you want to show to be active and have that column be ‘a’ for those rows. Then when a new entry is made, insert the row with a status of ‘p’ (pending) or anything other than ‘a’. Just means you have to check each entry to approve it, but it’s one way to handle moron posts. I do this: I have my php script email me if a comment or something is added. I let things go “live” right away but I can delete them if I want to.

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