i love my daughter

today is my daughter Amanda Jayne’s nineteenth birthday. she came by to pick up her present(s), which consisted of a selection of silver trinkets from her favourite store, it really was all i could do. she was happy with the presents, not thrilled like last year (i had planned on getting a new phone from chris for my birthday/christmas, & giving her my old one, but i saw the perfect teenage phone, a pretty phone with switchable, colourful faceplates, so i chose to get that instead). anyway, i activated it on the way over to her work, & when i gave it to her she just squeaked — that was a good giving experience. this one was less so, but she was ok about the whole thing.

she came by yesterday to drop off our christmas presents, & since then in at least two phone conversations, expressed her anxiousness for us to open them, & continued today when she came by, so we were finally convinced us to open them. oh, i love my daughter & her generous spirit so much, you should smell my kitchen right now with the freshly ground coffee chris is making into cappuccinos. she also got me a Dave Barry book, so i’ll be wired on caffiene, laughing myself silly this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “i love my daughter

  1. Damn. I can hardly wait ’til my daughter’s that age. I mean, don’t get me wrong, 7 years old is amazing and she’s so much freakin’ fun, but for some reason I can just hardly wait to see what my pooky’s gonna be like at 19 years old. It’s a very beautiful thing that you and your daughter seem so close. Hope I can do that well.

  2. yes, it’s a combination cappuccino/drip coffee maker, a grinder, some Starbucks Christmas Blend (whole bean, so we can grind it fresh), & some chocolate covered espresso beans. i am pretty sure that this is what she was talking about when she said, they gave out great presents at her work christmas party, & she was hoping to trade what she got for something i like — this is the kid that spends her Christmas money from her grandparents to buy presents. she is a most generous soul, & yes, we are very close. she knows i’ve been in mourning ever since my cappuccino machine died way back when, so this is the most thoughtful thing ever.

  3. I’ll leave the 19 year-old commentary out of this….doubtless that you’ve already locked her in the basement by now.
    A big holiday smoooooch to you and all you do for everyone, kd. We’ll have to get that meatspace (I LOVE that) thing happening someday soon. It’s looking like it might be time to throw the S.F. rave at some point, at which you’ll have to fill up the jet-car and rip up the 5 for it.
    blickety clickety………

  4. What Keith said!

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful daughter. I’d say you are lucky to have such a great relationship with her [usually that doesn’t happpen til the daughter is at least 25. in my experience. ;)], but clearly you worked for it.


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