insomnia redux

this time it’s entirely circumstantial (i hope). because i’d like to think the reason i never slept more than two hours at a time last night is not a sign of some worsening of my ongoing sleep disorders but rather due to the fact that bed was such a chaotic & crowded place.

you have your large ?california king? size bed (i don’t know why they make king size beds larger in california, but they do). you have your two large adults, & your large four year old that got scared & crawled in the middle. you have your large kitty that we tried to kick off the bed, but snuck back in the night, making any shift of the one, inadequate blanket that much more difficult.

possible solution: bigger blanket. night light. kitty bed. the first two hopefully will make enough of a difference, because i doubt the kitty will abandon our bed for his own, unless we find some realistic toy feet for him. kitty loves feet.

i’m babbling. i’m sooooooooooo tired.

One thought on “insomnia redux

  1. Sorry, kd
    but I think you will have a better time getting rid of the other adult, than you will getting rid of the cat..
    Cats love to sleep where there is warmth, so I guess you’re a “Hottie”, Heh?

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