merry morning

so last night, rather late, i was inspired to fix up BobtheCorgi‘s templates, it’s a much different place this morning, no more retro pink with big boomerangs. *sigh* it has a stark, edgy feel now.

amazingly enough, people were in chat till all hours, not as many as usual, still, it was surprising. there are people who take a few days off the internet for the holiday, but then there are those of us who do not. here i am, 10am christmas morning, posting while father & son play with their new remote control Jimmy Neutron Ultra Orb in the driveway.

after chat last night, i went on a merry christmas commenting binge, pretty much through the whole linklist, at least the ones with comments. come to think of it, i really hope i didn’t offend any non-christians, at the time i was simply infused with the christmas spirit (& about four foster’s)….

6 thoughts on “merry morning

  1. i hope non-christians are not offended as well. they shouldn’t be as i’m not offended by their non-christianity. surely there’s enough respect and understanding for that much.

    i had an interesting conversation with a muslim student a few weeks ago. i posted some of it on my weblog, but can’t find the entry right now. i really enjoyed talking about faith with her.

    thanks for stopping by and the kind comments. merry christmas.

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