no answers

just answered a long email from an old friend, & was completely unable to alleviate any of the pain he’s feeling. he’s dealing with it well & strong by recognizing the small victories, but he’s still hurting.

he was my first love & though the years in between included a separation lasting more than a decade, we are still this close. there was a connection made back when, which will never be broken. in fact throughout our separation, which seemed irreparable, i never doubted we would reconnect. i figured it would be a chance meeting, but the odds of it were improved by the existence of i love, in the way only a nostalgia junkie can.

it is quiet & late, raining outside; inside right now i am some twenty five years younger & yet old as the oldest images this old soul can still conjure. age really is just a number, as is distance. we are all connected.

just wish i could have been a little more comfort to my oldest friend.

2 thoughts on “no answers

  1. you know, i’m reminded that i have no answers either. however, comfort doesn’t always from from answers. regardless of the quality and effect of my words, i can offer my presence, touch, and time. truly, sometimes i think these are more effectual than my words.

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