playing with movabletype

i have absolutely no idea what i am doing here, except that i am strongly drawn to this new & wonderful weblogging software. it is not my intention to end up with yet another blog to maintain & post to, however, this may happen.

my excuse at this juncture is that i will be learning about mt, with the altruistic pupose of helping other bloggers with it.

however having my own obscure place in which it is permissible to babble without ruining surreally with my blather, could be an excellent side benefit of this experiment.

it begins with a click…

5 thoughts on “playing with movabletype

  1. Wow. It remembers me from Surreally. Sweet. MT wouldn’t work for me either, but I didn’t try very hard since I have GreyMatter working fine. I don’t know if I like the pop-up comments window much. I suppose that lies in the area of personal preference.

  2. I’m so jealous. I want to try MT, but I’ve tried it twice and it just won’t work. None of the required modules are installed on my servers, and even when I install them per the MT instructions, it won’t work. Poor me.

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