sunday morning

the phrase ?sunday morning? conjures up pleasant images of lounging in comfy jammies, leisurely perusing the newspapers, sipping some foo-foo flavoured coffee… at least to me. i know there are those who attack sunday mornings with vigor & a sense of purpose, industrious & focused on their goals. i have never understood that.

however i am having a bit of trouble with the relaxing today. i’m nervous, jittery, & filled with an unfocused sense of urgency (& have only had one cup of coffee, so that’s not the problem). i have no idea what it is i think i’m supposed to be doing, which is frustrating. i mean, i could clean the house, but, well no. i could work on giving this site an actual design, but i wouldn’t know where to begin. i could start working on importing surreally into MT, but that is too intimidating a task for me at this juncture.

i don’t know where i’m going with this. i was supposed to be saying something, but in the end i’m just babbling.

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