this is good

it is much too late, but i was in chat with people for whom it was much later than it is here until just recently, so i figure i’m not that bad. i sometimes feel wimpy when people on the east coast are chatting with me till 5 their time, but this evening/morning i am using that as an excuse.

i’ve been working on BlogCon2002. i have been lovingly configuring the MT templates, adding wonderful people to the list of participants, & generally reveling in the wonderful dream that is this (next) year’s potential blogger convention. i say potential because until it is realised, i cannot bring myself to believe, or count on, such wonderfulness.

however i am utterly & completely committed to bringing this thing to fruition, with the help of the most awesome crew of bloggers ever assembled.

ok, i’ve had a few brewskis & i’m in that love with the world that sometimes happens under this influence. i don’t even want to sleep right now, i feel that good, but i know i must, & so i will, & with that, goodnight.

2 thoughts on “this is good

  1. The Las Vegas “Love In” will definitely happen!
    It will go okay. You are dealing with bloggers that will go!!
    And Vegas can and will carry it off.
    All will fall into place….

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