this rocks

the upgrade from 1.1 to 1.31, though frightening, went off without a hitch. templates intact, everything fine, & more new features. i am loving this very much.

still in the experimental stages, i check to see how the more text area works. it does seem that with MT so many of the little details that used to be a hassle in GM just work, automatically. there are far fewer templates to mess with. making connected files will be a matter of creating them within MT, which will be a great improvement.

there are so many things to explore, but for now, i’ve got to stop babbling about nothing.

5 thoughts on “this rocks

  1. woohoo! i still can’t get mt on my server because their perl is so messed up. can’t decide whether to jump ship or stick with greymatter, tho.


  2. you rock kd!!!! this is the best surprise i have ever come home drunk and found in my home! i can’t wait to read more…

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