twas the night before…

an almost perfect shopping experience this afternoon: traffic was moderate, lines were short, store personnel were friendly & helpful, i found everything i wanted for slightly less than i expected to spend, & i was home, with most everything for my son wrapped, by 3pm.

the afternoon was marred by one observation, as i crossed the parking lot toward target. i heard a man shouting. the voice i did not recognize but the tone, i did. i looked over to see a large, bearded man driving a neon green plymouth duster, with his wife in the passenger seat & their son between them. as they drove past i saw the wife, head down, hand shading her eyes, & for a moment it was all i could do not to twist around & mule-kick the side of that car (i learned long ago never kick solid, heavy objects with the toe of your foot, it’s just not a good idea). my heart goes out to his family & i hope she takes the kid & leaves the bastard soon.

out of all the goodness, that one moment stands out more vividly than all the rest. as i walked into target & the friendly greeter offered me a cart, saying ?it’s a good one?, i felt very grateful for the fact i lack a psychotic screaming husband.

later, i had to go to the drug store & while there, i was inspired — so far the focus of christmas giving has been on my son, but i passed a rack of gloves, & one pair stood out – soft, grey gloves with little silvery shimmers in them. my daughter is the sort of person that wears sandals in the dead of winter, but if her hands are cold she’s freezing. i started with the gloves, added a huge tin of wintergreen altoids because she loves minty stuff & adores tins of all kinds, then got a card, & some fragrant candles. not a lot but the thought is there. as i wrapped the gifts, i was further inspired to slip a $5 bill in each glove, for an extra happy surprise.

after dinner, i fixed up my friend Toxiclabrat’s site with the new banner she sent me today. the new look is quite cheerful & has a groovy sixties vibe that very much expresses her personality – go look!

all in all, a good day.

merry christmas to all, & to all, a good night.

2 thoughts on “twas the night before…

  1. good morning and merry christmas, kd. nice job on toxiclabrat’s site. also, well done on the daughter’s gifts. my mom was generous like that too. she got it from her dad. i got it from both of them.

    my grandfather was the most generous person i ever knew.

    nice post… save some of those altoids for me. 😉

  2. merry christmas dearheart….i hope that all your dreams come true this year…you deserve the best…the planet is so definitely a better place because you are on it…

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