web dreams

the other morning, very early after a very late night in chat, my son crawled into bed with us after some scary nightmares. i was so asleep i couldn’t fully wake up, but i was in a dream chat room, & i did try to click him into the group room.

last night i traveled to foreign lands without enough money, & i was wearing entirely the wrong shoes for the journey. i can thank D & Miguel for these images.

so i suppose it could say i’m online around the clock, since merely being asleep doesn’t disconnect me from the internet. maybe i should try turning off the computer at night, perhaps my subconscious is making some sort of connection through the DSL line.

One thought on “web dreams

  1. Wow. Clicked him into your group…
    Back, long ago, when I was just beginning to use scrollbars and windows (on a Commodore), I went to sleep one night, and as I fell asleep I clicked open window upon window deeper and deeper into dreamland. I guess that’s pretty normal, huh?

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