a loaf of bread, a box of wine, & thou

minus the bread. however this is immaterial; i have ample food for thought. but the box of wine, yes, it is a box. filled with wine, or at least it was. available to please the psyche with no more than the squeeze of a little valve that hurts my thumb, but only a little. never mind that, its cheapness & adequacy are not in question here. i am content.

i took numerous digipics of a pretty candle with translucent wax & blue/green sparklys, in search of an image that maybe could have been a graphic that might have been the source of an inspiration for an actual design for this blog. no luck.

i am wishfully thinking. i would like to be able to write memories like this or explain the circuitous path of growth like this, or, failing these ideals, i would like to connect with random humans in a medium that defines the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.

one outta three ain’t half bad.

6 thoughts on “a loaf of bread, a box of wine, & thou

  1. Try more wine. That usually helps. And if it doesn’t, well, you’ll at least *think* it does. Jon’s rule #41 – Booze makes everything better.

  2. everything except the following morning, when you find that singing sarah mclachlan songs quietly to yourself in the kitchen until oh, four hours or so ago may not have been the best idea.

    no denying it was fun while it lasted. & hey, i like what i did with the stylesheets.

  3. Funny. I’ve been thinking about how this new blog of yours is amongst the best writing of any I visit. And how it has revealed so much more of you than I understood from just seeing your posts on the general surreally site.

    It isn’t like the two posts you mentioned, which are superb. No, the site’s brilliant, and I don’t use that word easily, in it’s own unique and interesting way.

    I happen to even be a fan of the very simple design. The focus of this site is on words, and the images they create.

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