a rose by any other name

so, i’m still pretty new at all this. i saw the internet for the first time in ’99, due to some trials & tribulations in my life that i won’t go into at this juncture. in that short time, though, i have really bonded with it, in fact i had a job working with the internet within 6 months of that first glimpse. i do love it here.

so i was checking out Dave Winer’s history of weblogs & was struck by the fact that although i seem to have titled this ?kd: a blog?, it is apparently not really a blog, per se. if it’s anything, it’s more of a journal? in any case, for it to be a blog i’d have to be doing more linking to stuff & less babbling about my life, i think?

well, heaven knows i’m a rebel. i’m not going to change either the name or the way i do stuff around this little place of mine, but i’ll probably feel just a little weird about it from now on 🙂

16 thoughts on “a rose by any other name

  1. i’m a rebel too, and will use my blog for whatever i want to… and still call it a weblog!

    man, i’ve always had problems with authority. 🙂

  2. i’ve always felt kind of weird about the blogger title. i don’t feel like a blogger. (what does a blogger feel like?)

    holy shit. that you just got into this in 1999 is pretty impressive. now you’re *the* woman of the web.

  3. i have no idea where i read it but apparently the concept of what a blog is is evolving over time. it is completely acceptable to call it a blog even if it’s more of a journal and not purely a link festival – blog is becoming all inclusive as a term. hey, sometimes the world shifts to meet the definition of the rebels… besides, this is your space on the web, you can call it whatever you want! be your own despot!

  4. I don?t have many links on my blog and I think it?s still a blog. It?s my little spot on the web where I talk about me, my life and everything I like/dislike. Look at all the blogger- blogs or z- list blogs. Could you say one site is a blog while another site is a journal? I couldn?t make that decision and I think nobody should! Blog on!

  5. Kd, someone once told me that “rules were created by people, for people, to ignorant to think for themselves” pretty mind boggling for someone on drugs in the 60’s, heh?
    You can call this site anything you want, but why create a label. We will read it anyway!!

  6. it’s not that i have a problem breaking rules — i think it’s just that, when i started doing this it was to experiment with this software. it evolved into something quite different than i expected, & the title happened when i was just going, ?oh, i have to call it something?. so i think this particular issue i’m having is that whole, if i knew then what i know now, i’d have done things different.

    or not.

    but you know, ?hadacall: a journal? would have been better (as in, i had to call it something)…

    file this under, what i should have said…

  7. You just go define your own bad self, kd.
    Don’t let Winers tell you any different.
    You log, on the web, whatever the heck it is you want to log. Any more stringent definition is for trend followers.
    You, my dear, are a setter.

  8. Well… sometime in 1999 I coined the phrase “renegade site” when describing EricBrooks.Com… since it basically never fit any of the categories that conventional websites fit. Was it a “download site”? was it a “business site”? was it a “personal site”? No it was a “renegade site”… it did whatever the hell I wanted.

    Maybe kd: a blog is a “renegade site”. I like the sound of that.

  9. Oh friggin’ well. You pay for the space, you do what you want with it, right? (And it seems to be working just fine for ya, too, missay)

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