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so i resist as long as i can, to avoid the person or persons i’m currently avoiding, because i believe they may be avoiding me, although they may not be. almost involuntarily, i login to the AIM. it loads, showing me 11 of my 43 buddies are online, at least one & perhaps two of whom i am pointedly ignoring because i think they are pointedly ignoring me. the rest of them? well, it looks like a good group. it could be fun. but i’m kinda busy with this pointed ignoring. i wish there was a special status i could set that would let the people i’m ignoring know that i am, in fact, ignoring them. otherwise what’s the use of it? i could IM them & tell them, but that would defeat the whole purpose.

(double clicks name)
me: hi
other person: hi, what are you doing?
me: pointedly ignoring you
(closes chat window)

no, that won’t do.

i know, i know what you’re thinking. what? kd? you’re all nice & everything! you would never do this! well guess what. i’m not as nice as you think. sometimes i’m downright bitchy. if people ignore me, i don’t just sit there. i ignore them right back.

but don’t worry, it’s not you i’m pointedly ignoring. i’d never do that.

12 thoughts on “AIM games

  1. Well kd, ya woodn’t believe it, but I am nice too. And I have mastered “Ignore”. Yep, its easy. I don’t know who you are ignoring but it is easier to ignore someone face to face of which I am an expert. (Ignoring and knowing paint- the two things I am an expert of!! LOL)
    So, I would tell the little bastards. Because it is really nice to be nice, but people can take advantage. And I don’t want that happening to you! But then again, right now you have an upper hand because they really don’t know yet. So if you were to tell them, then they would know and then they would ignore you, and you may have a blog fight.
    So I can’t really tell you what to do I am just writing this because all of a sudden I am not making any mistakes typing this out and I want to see how long I d…oops made a mistake..I will stop now!!

  2. oh, i wouldn’t have a blog fight. i think i’m just feeling a bit miffed right now, because of a perception which is probably inaccurate, but i’m actually having some fun with this ignoring.

    but yes, it is more fun to ignore face-to-face. then, they know! unless they are completely ignoring me right back, as opposed to the ignoring that you do while surreptitiously glancing at the person you’re ignoring to see if they see you ignoring them.

  3. try this…whenever someone you’re ignoring wants to IM you, send them back this message:

    There. Did you see the message on the line above? No? That’s because it was a single space!! You’re ignoramuseseses won’t know what hit them!! They’ll end up so frustrated with you that they’ll probably stalk you and kill you at Taco Bell!!!
    wait…..that’s a BAD thing, isn’t it? Nevermind. Know any good “paint-knowers”? They are so hard to come by these days.

  4. see, here’s the problem with that strategy: i’m ignoring the people or person i’m ignoring because i think they are ignoring me first. i just want them to know i am ignoring them right back. if they im’d me, i wouldn’t feel so offended anymore because, well, they wouldn’t be ignoring me then!

    yeah. i have issues.

  5. And AIM is? oh, yeah, that thing I hardly ever turn on…You could just leave a message saying “You are politely being ignored” as your status. Heh. Right.

  6. Well, I don’t know if people are ignoring me ’cause I’ve blocked everybody on my im ’cause well, I felt like it, and I would just get rid of it, but it is automatically installed on my msn browser and my daughter uses it to contact me when she’s online, and I didn’t block her, but she’s the only one. So you see, folks are probably ignoring me too, but I just don’t know it.

  7. ahhhh… the art of ignore. that’s right up there with major kung fu, if i’m not mistaken. you know, i rarely use either of my IM apps because i get bombarded by porn sites every time i load icq. i would like to be able to interact this way without the baggage. then i could learn ignore-fu too, which would be so cool. 🙂

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