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for some reason, there it is, beside all those giants of the web — slashdot, mefi, plastic, disturbing search requests — & surreally? whoa. ok, so it’s an honor just to be nominated, & a thrill to be in such heady company, & kinda fun to be the longshot.

the 2002 bloggies

hey, if you happen to be there, note that miguel, D, melly, & hoopty (among others i’m sure, that’s just from a cursory glance while at work & clicking away when people walk by & feeling guilty because i’m really under the deadline gun here &…) right. back to work with me. (oh, the popcorn is still unopened)

14 thoughts on “all aflutter

  1. so then do you wanna be my date to the ceremony? We can both grimace when they don’t pick us. They might have good booze, though. And I’ll be you look great in an evening gown.

  2. how ’bout i wear the tux & you wear the gown? we may not win, but we could get some attention that way anyway. & isn’t this what it’s all about? attention?

  3. so then you’ve seen me in a gown? I’ve got this really great backless blue number I bought off Christina Aguilera. It smells a bit but I look really hot in it. I’ll need to shave my legs, though….

  4. I love it!! Hoopty in his gownless evening strap and kd in a smashing tux — with tails, perhaps? I demand photos! Congrats to you both for your much-deserved nominations.

  5. I was robbed. I’m much better than that Tom Coates guy, he’s barely European at all. And as for Not.So.Interesting! ha!

    (grumble, grumble)

  6. I have 10 e mail addresses. Never did I dream that they would someday be so useful to me. I voted voted voted voted voted voted voted voted voted voted for you.

  7. I love having so many E-Mail Addys…
    My method of voting is run on priorities…
    1. Z-Lister…
    2. Surreally Site…
    3. A web god named Dave Linabury

    A-Listers and any one from Star Trek TNG are automatically disqualified.

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