i don’t get out much. i mean, i really don’t get out much. i go to work, i go to the grocery store, sometimes the bank, & occasionally the gas station. i travel the world on my DSL line every evening, & that seems to keep whatever wanderlust i have at bay. plus, the logistics of leaving the house are daunting, & there is the inevitable conflict of opinions. i just don’t see anything improper in a parent wanting out of the house every once in awhlie. i guess i just don’t get that. whatever.

so it amazed me the lack of objections i encountered when i broached the subject of the not one but TWO plans i have for this weekend. tomorrow night, my daughter & her boyfriend are picking me up for a party that her work is giving. she’s always trying to get me out of the house, & she gets very fussy when i tell her i ?can’t? go somewhere.

so i already had this party in my mind when the subject of meeting some bloggers in Santa Monica came up, & i leapt at the chance, knowing full well that i’d have to get it by the powers that would be. i broke the news all at once, over the phone, & it went surprisingly well. i have the permission! *sigh* over the fact i even had to sweat that.

so this weekend, i take my son to the Santa Monica Pier & get to meet my very first bunch of bloggers — i’ve never met anyone from the internet & this is just as exciting as can be. couldn’t ask for a more interesting bunch: Skits & her hubby Francisco (aka madflava), Jon, Ezrael & his girlfriend Tara.

i can’t wait.

13 thoughts on “anticipation

  1. Jon – well, maybe not so much permission, as, oh, i don’t know, achieving a state in which the strenuous objections do not overwhelm me. it is one of those long stories. (it is also why my daughter fusses at me when i say i ?can’t? do something. it is also why she moved out at 17.)

    maybe i shouldn’t have made it sound quite that bad. i am sometimes given to exaggeration of such things? or something.

  2. have a great time (i hope you are right now). i met my first group of internet friends last summer when i attended a get together of my online flight simulator virtual fighter squadron, the Cacut Air Force. only a few were there (i think seven of us), but it was a great weekend and well worth the trip. i need to write an article about this one. thanks for the reminder.

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