bedroom slippers

so i’ve rented a room in an apartment. i thought i was going to get a real room, but no, it’s more of a den-type thing, not a bedroom at all. the bedroom i first thought was mine had its own door to the outside but the balcony was made of rotten wood, really shaky. it fell apart when i poked at it with my foot, not my fault. so the den i’m renting doesn’t even have doors, & the only bathroom is off of one of the bedrooms so i can’t stay up late drinking beer without having to go through my roommate’s bedroom when i need to pee. i am pissed! but maybe i should not be drinking the beer. the old homeless lady that camped in the storage area downstairs just spent the last of her inheritance on a twelve pack of natural lite & then her liver gave out. at least she threw that classy party while she had money (flashback to party, then fast forward to angry spat with roommate over misrepresentation of the space i’d be renting). he maintains that i shouldn’t need the bathroom at night & i’m all, wtf? so i’m angrily packing and leaving, i don’t want to move back home, but where am i going to go? i get outside & there are bears. a whole family of bears. big ones. i’m trying to get everybody behind closed doors, but i have to leave. i end up walking to meet my daughter at the corner. i’m wearing a short skirt, my legs are bare, & i have not shaved them. my daughter makes me go to circle-k for some tights, she’s rushing me, i can’t decide. what goes with quilted bedroom slippers?

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