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i had so much to write, i was thinking about it the whole way home, but i was much too tired when i got here (around 7, i stayed quite a bit longer than anyone else because my son wanted to ride the rides, & leaving a beach at sunset when it starts getting cold out is a bad traffic decision). so i just woke up. & i’m going to bed again soon.

it was a wonderful day. absolutely wonderful. i’ve seen one of the pictures already over at jon’s site & i’m beginning to dread the rest. there were more pictures taken of me yesterday than in perhaps the last four decades, put together. there is a reason for this (not photogenic).

did i mention how much fun it was?

11 thoughts on “bloggers in santa monica

  1. You are too hard on yourself, you look fine. I suspect we’ll all spend a great deal of time blogging about how unphotogenic we are. Whatever.

    It was great to meet everyone. One of my life goals has been completed – I have, in physical reality, “touched” Matthew Rossi. Now I just need to touch Eric Brooks.

    I had a blast. Thanks for driving down. And your son is just too cute.

  2. I’ll see you guys in Vegas.
    (I thought kd looked pretty nice in that pic… can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!… assuming your server comes back up)

  3. I’m just a bit scared that touching me was one of Jon’s goals. I suppose I should be grateful it wasn’t smacking me with a clown hammer. And kd, I think I looked bad, but you looked good, so take heart in the knowledge that I also am unphotogenic.

  4. I had so much fun with you guys yesterday, and I think everyone looked great. 🙂

    There are a couple of pics on my blog right now, Fran has a bunch he’s going to upload today, and I’ll be putting up more when I get home from work this afternoon. 😀

  5. you? Matt? scared? i rather thought that you were quite bold in that twice-missed photo-op when we were saying our goodbyes. i actually thought Jon looked kinda scared at that point — like maybe his goal was getting a little out of hand.

    at least i have my mental picture of that event. i’ll treasure it.

  6. Just to clear things up. Matthew did *not* kiss me on the lips. I’m sure it looked that way from certain angles, but there was *no* lip and/or tongue contact.

  7. You know, if there HAD been any kissing between Matt and Jon, I’d have had to kick some butt.

    But there wasn’t, and that’s why no butt-kicking ensued.

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