delightful afternoon

instead of going to the beach or anything strenuous like that, my daughter & her friend edie & i went to daughter’s boyfriend’s apartment & raided the liquor cabinet. we had margaritas & listened to a great new mix cd that she had, & talked about life. we talked about relationships, having children (she wants to wait till she’s 30, so i’m still quite far from gramma-hood), disorderly eating, life, the universe, & everything. well maybe not all that much but it was a blissful afternoon.

after i got home & got done grocery shopping & whatnot, i fell asleep on the couch for a good three hours. apparently i was somewhat fatigued. go figure.

the pictures are posted here

2 thoughts on “delightful afternoon

  1. first comment! there’s nothing i really enjoy more than having the kids around on a sunday afternoon. we sit around, sometimes watch history channel or a movie, talk, eat, talk, eat some more, talk, fall asleep, play cards, eat, talk, etc. with the grandson running around now, it just adds to the mix. what a beautiful pandemonium.

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