expect the unexpected

i did something tonight that i haven’t done in a long time. it’s actually something that i make some noise here & there about not doing. i used to do it all the time, back in the days i was trying to fit in a certain lifestyle, because it was something that was expected of me, & i did enjoy it, after a fashion. but times changed, i changed, & i began to identify myself along different lines, seeing myself as a busy wannabe geek that just didn’t have time for this sort of thing in my life.

but tonight, well, i… i cooked dinner. i did. i cooked. as in, no microwaves, drive-thrus, or delivery services were involved. i acutally put raw foodstuffs together in palatable combinations & made a balanced, wholesome, suburban mom-type meal (chicken, fried rice, green beans).

i’m just full of surprises, aren’t i? ’tis true, i’m just a wild & crazy girl.

10 thoughts on “expect the unexpected

  1. i love fried rice. i made some for us the other night. with the changes in our budget, i’ll be cooking more (so will my wife, i hope :). i used to do it all the time; my specialty was baking bread. i had a sourdough starter i managed to keep alive for about three years. friday nights i would extract the starter and start up two big batches for saturday morning. saturday morning would be sourdough pancakes and bread baking. my kids loved those pancakes. (so did i — i’d eat them straight off the griddle with no syrup or anything else … yummy! 🙂

  2. ooh! sourdough pancakes sound sooooo good. actually, the whole “real dinner” thing went over quite well, & we are going to be doing it more often.

    there was one “shortcut” type thing involved, & i’ve gotta say, that george foreman grill thingy is way cool. makes cooking meat just about foolproof, & quick too.

  3. I do a mean fried rice; it’s the prep time that hurts. Step one: cook two more center cut pork chops than needed for a meal, then wonder what to do with them.

    Baking breads…never really tried that. The pancakes sound delicious.

  4. george foreman came to my house this year too…thank god for george! i have gone for entire years thinking that popcorn is a fitting meal…georgie boy was a welcome addition to the household.

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