forty one

when the colour of the light filtering through the blinds blends with the perfect air & it brings back feelings from decades & decades ago, it is sweetness indeed.

when this happens more & more often, this indicates that things might finally be alright. i had a pleasant childhood, nothing in it could be construed as an excuse for the blind rebellion of my adolescence, which extended well into my twenties & thirties. i am not saying i’m quite the responsible, upstanding citizen just yet, but i am beginning to get the hang of it. it could be said that, at my age, it’s a little late for this, but i think the time’s just right. apparently there was something inherent in me that made it impossible to settle into anything, until just recently.

certainly there are troubling aspects to the present that are the consequences of my lingering immaturity, but i can see the other side of them from here.

ok enough of this. back to enjoying the light & the air (they are absolutely gorgeous).

5 thoughts on “forty one

  1. Everything work out ok with that court thing? You’re loved by a lot of people so you can’t possible be the “bad person” you tend to make ourself out to be.

    You know that, right?

  2. Yes, she could be, Eric. She could be this horrible person in real life and just pretending to be this really sweet, generous, loving soul online. It could all be this really big act, and she laughs this evil laugh every night when she chalks another up on the list of fools who fell for the facade. And one day, she’s gonna come forward and tell everyone the truth and we all gonna be soooo shocked ’cause we were the fools on her list. Yea, it could. It could happen that way. You’ll see. You’ll be the first one she tells too.

    Now, KD, what I want to know is why there aren’t any comments on the post below this one. I wanted to tell you how much like me that felt, and you know, have this bonding experience with you about it and everything, but damn! no comments, and now it just won’t be the same, you know?

  3. KD, you know I was just joking, right? I think you’re a mighty fine person, really. And I mean it. I’m serious this time, too. Don’t think I’m kidding around, or being sarcastic ’cause I’m not. Okay?

  4. i don’t believe that for a second! yeah, i’ll bet you have your moments. (don’t i? 😉 but, it’s darned near impossible for a person to write consistently in a fashion that differs substantially from their real self. it can be done, but would be extraordinary.

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