happy new year

so we were wishing we had a teleportation plugin for the chat, in which we could pass a glass of bubbly. i’m figuring compression algorithms could reduce the bubbles then re-bubble it… champagne.tar.gz, if you will.

even without sharing actual drink files, it was an amazing bit of chatting. friends, gathered in the IM, celebrating together.

happy new year!

a bit of this special chat:

unitarianho: and my ass screams help me
surreallydotcom: that’s just freaky
RockTheGlobe: just wait until you give birth.
unitarianho: you are telling me
unitarianho: alone on the toilet
unitarianho: demonic heeeeeeeeeeeeeeep meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
unitarianho: must be my colon
senor poopiepants of the south: colon
RockTheGlobe: maybe it’s your duodenum.
senor poopiepants of the south: i think instead of semicolon they should call ; anus
unitarianho: maybe it the been using my colon as a xenophone
unitarianho: wait
unitarianho: xilophone
unitarianho: whatever

4 thoughts on “happy new year

  1. i started to pop in last night, but it just didn’t seem right with my wife working so hard in the other room. i think it would have been fun too.

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