i don’t like to complain, but…

why is it that morning people consider themselves morally superior to their sleeping-in counterparts? are we not over the benjamin franklin ?early to bed early to rise? nonsense? that is *so* eighteenth century. (it is eighteenth right? i can’t think this early).

so here’s the situation: you have a person that wakes up early because he can’t help it. this person reasons that since he is always the person who’s awake in the morning, it’s the person who’s still asleep’s turn to get up & get the kid dressed. so the morning person turns on the light & the TV at seven something – yes, you heard right, SEVEN something (it’s still dark then, isn’t it? no? ok then whatever) so that the sleeping person will be awake too. the sleeping person just wanted another half hour or maybe 45 more minutes of precious sleep, & she was right in the middle of a stressful but interesting plane crash dream. she was very cross when he woke her up for no apparent reason, since he was already awake & quite capable of handling things without her.

the sleeping person TRIED to go to bed early last night. she laid there for over an hour & a half, being annoyed by the then-sleeping morning person’s noisy sleeping habits, getting up several times to read weblogs & so forth before finally falling asleep, then woke up a few times during the night. this is not a vice mind you, it’s a sleep disorder. so why was it her turn to get up at SEVEN something to get the kid dressed? WHY?

so you’re probably going to tell me to go see a doctor or something. what, for a mild sleep disorder that could be dealt with by being left alone for a few more minutes in the damn morning? wrestle with HMO nonsense for that? look, i’m a night person. the fact i’m awake in the daytime at all is a testament to my commitment to lead a semi-normal life. left to my own devices i will get up later & later every day until i am getting out of bed in the late afternoon & hitting the sack at dawn. i am trying, i really am.

just another half hour or so, is all i ask. or maybe 45 minutes.

8 thoughts on “i don’t like to complain, but…

  1. I go through this with the bean. It’s 7 am, he’s only let mombie sleep for three hours, but a-ha! KICK KICK KICK PUNCH! Get your ass up and make some cheerios!

    it’s practice.

  2. Living alone seems to solve the problem. No one whines when I get up at 4 am. No one whines when I get up at the last minute.

    Of course living alone has it’s own drawbacks, but the morning glare from the “sleeping person” is something I don’t miss.

  3. logically, if he is the one that is always up in the morning, then he should be the one to get the coffee on, grab the paper off the sidewalk and get the kiddo going…the later getterupper does the breakfast dishes…right? i think that is only fair. it’s been a long time since i’ve been in a multi-person household…i just want it to be better for you…

  4. Actually, some people do understand that not *everyone* is a morning person. At werk, most people know not to schedule a meeting with me before 10:00. I even get to werk from home when I want. But being a single parent of a two year old who likes to wake up *early* is challenging.

  5. yeah, being single would be nice, but since it’s not really an option at this point, i have to put up with this practical, if annoying solution to the problems of raising a young child & affording to live in Ventura County.

  6. I’m so not a morning person. I pretend to be and get up early, only to be pooped by mid-morning. And heaven forbid if someone calls my house and gets the answering maching because we’re all sleeping in. “Oh, you must not be UP yet…”

    Go to hell.

  7. At my last job, people knew not to bother me or schedule anything to do with me before 10:30. I just wasn’t awake enough yet. I hate mornings.

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