i hate netscape

so i had the first couple of pages (the main page & the individual entries archive pages) all up & running so nice. oh, i was a happy camper. & then i fired up netscape, & whatever additional stuff i put in between the original design & the MT interpretation, completely hosed it in netscape 4.x. completely. hosed.

so i was going to have the new surreally up tonight & now i think i’ll just have some wine & mutter extremely vile words under my breath & fantasize happily about inflicting unspeakable horrors on the stupid netscape programmers. i’m also considering being mad at those who grimly cling to this disaster of a browser. get over it already!

the new site is up at surreally main site. fuck netscape.

anyone wishing to form an angry mob & track down those responsible for this netscape shit can email me.

15 thoughts on “i hate netscape

  1. Oh how Netscape hates layers…
    Well, I sent you one of my javascript fixes…
    I also notice you’re not using the “world famous Netscape resize fix”… maybe that will help?

  2. aww, jeez, i stayed up way too late with bakiwop, who was staying up even later, & we got it all rockin’ in ns4. life is good. however i will feel like poo-poo in the morning. oh well.

  3. I gotta agree about how old Netscape 4 is. As much as I liked it, I now want Netscape to either give up or release a new browser. I use IE and Mozilla often, and it looks good in either of them (the new Surreally design, I mean…if you’re doing a redesign here, I haven’t seen it yet) so no worries on my part.

  4. Netscape 4.x is pretty old. even netscape gave up on it and went to the Gecko platform. My stuff doesn’t work in NS4 and I lose no sleep over not looking good in a 4 year old browser.

  5. well, then you’ll appreciate me staying up till three AM to make my site work in it then, right hoopty?

    it even works on macs. it’s very cross browser.

    i’m very tired.

  6. & what i’m saying here, is, it works, right? works on macs, works on netscape, works …. hell, it almost works in omniweb! whatever that is! see, even though i don’t personally do the whole netscape/mac thang, i don’t hold it against those who do, & will in fact stay up till 3AM just so that people with all manner of computing proclivities can see my site.

    it works in opera. it works in kmeleon. i’m pretty sure it doesn’t work in webtv but it’s not supposed to.

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