i never thought it would happen this way

i never thought it would happen this way. i mean, there were settings & shit, right? there were technical hurdles to be overcome, arcane help files to decipher. i should be fuming & muttering cross words under my breath. but no.

as it is, i got home, plugged cat 5 into the two puters & the dsl modem, plugged all three into the hub, powered up the puters, & i now have two computers on a network sharing a dsl line.

all i can say about this is, telocity’s enhanced dsl service rocks my world.

23 thoughts on “i never thought it would happen this way

  1. broadband just ROCKS, that’s all i can say. i’ve been cablemodemed for over a year and would really hate to go back. (it would also be hard for me to do a lot of my work without broadband as well.) wtg kd!!! fwiw, we’re networked here as well with a little linksys phonenet router which also has a couple of ethernet ports. it works very well too and i didn’t have to pull cable or do wall fishes. 🙂

  2. oh yeah – right after i got done making both puters happily see the ‘net, i did the little networking wizard thingys & made my old puter’s my documents folder into a share, which i now have a shortcut to on the ‘new puter. this is my first time doing this & i am so excited.

    telocity’s “enhanced service” made it possible for me to tell it “multiple computers”, & it did all the rest, so there were no settings. sure there are cables all over the place. it’s ok.

    when my son got home, i was just turning the puters on for the first time, & i got internet on both & announced this — he went bouncing around the house chanting INTERNET INTERNET. an addict is born.

  3. one thing to do… be sure you’ve got some kind of firewall running. zonealarm is good and has a reasonable footprint. before i put in my router, my system was hit constantly. now the router intercepts in the inbound packets and gobbles them up. 🙂

  4. telocity advanced dsl: firewall, virus protection, spam filter, multiple computer support. a helluva package. plus, it makes an instant network out of computers. for ten bucks a month, i have constantly updated versions of these convenient & protective technologies.

    i love telocity/direct tv dsl. love it.

  5. i like the cybersex toys idea. i always thought that a properly engineered pair of undies would also do the job, but i’m too old to care now.

  6. ok, so i add flavor around here. wait a minute… is that flavor or smell? 🙂 one of my students set up a linux box for dail-up on demand for his home network a couple years ago. i could never get motivated enough to spend the time on it. i suppose i could learn how but right now there’s no need. i have welcomed a few over to the dark side…. the dark side of the force is strong. “use the source, luke!”

  7. shit….sextoys chat. Okay, so here’s the skinny:

    hoopty’s AIM: hooptygo

    Available 24/7
    Will do anything to get in a chatroom with you.

  8. sextoys? haha, that was TAME. i’m not even allowed to repeat some of the things that we’ve discussed. you just had to be there.

    will add hoopty to my buddy list when i give up on getting things done & login to the AIM (once i do that, i’m toast for the rest of the evening as far as getting anything but chatting done).

  9. I would suggest not trusting a firewall you haven’t researched and bought yourself. If it was me I’d still run something on both computers.

    But then, I’m a scared little baby who’s still using dialup at home, so what do I know.

    I see a static DSL in my short-term future. I just need to shrug off my cloak of laziness long enough to do it.

  10. i have that zonealarm on old puter, & should probably put it on new puter as well, hey! i can just go into my old downloads directory & install it over the network!

    i am loving this network very much.

  11. “God I love it when you all get techie!”

    What I really want to do is just get the DSL modem but build my own gateway and firewall from some of the old Linux boxes I have. Then set up an internal network and a DMZ. So I’d have a main world-facing linux server hosting my http, smtp, ssh. etc. And then an internal network to play around in.

    I think I need to bone up on IP tables, DNS, switches and WAN geekiness before I do that though.

    I’m pretty sure I could get that all set up just using the dialup even though it would be a dynamic IP. That’s the project I’m trying to get motivated for. it’s just that I’ve avoided DNS for so long that it’s sort of in my blood. I s’pose I could just let the dsl provider do name service….. [sigh] Whatever. I’ll figure it out later.

  12. Sounds like now all you need is two extra hands……not like you would need ’em, but then you could smoke, surf, code and have one left for fondling things……

  13. i admire to the point of jealousy anyone that has the desire & the wherewithal to do what you’ve described, Jon, but then again there is something to be said for subscribing to a good DSL provider that makes all these things effortless. so i spend less time cussing & popping advils & more time partying in the chatroom & blogsurfing.

  14. oh, hoopty, last night in chat we were talking about designing a line of USB-connected sex toys that would be controlled by a specially programmed chatroom plugin for hands-free cyber sex. see? who needs extra hands when we have technology?

    we figure we need engineers, coders, & perverts to succesfully implement this technology. so far, we have perverts.

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