internet addiction

it says i’m online, green box in the systray means go, all that. however it lies. i am so not online. i can’t see websites, get email, or even login to the AIM. vague feelings of panic stirring in the pit of my stomach. actually that’s inaccurate, i don’t feel panic anywhere near there – if i had to identify an anatomical structure for the feeling of fear, it would be right above the pubic bone. however it might be slightly tacky to express it in terms of proximity to the crotch-pit, so i guess i’ll stick with the first description.

aha! it admits it. the little box goes yellow. the dsl gateway’s lights still glow green, so i reboot it & mr. puter, to no avail. telocity status says internet is up, but they are lying. lies, lies, lies… when my internet connection lies to me i go all aggro. which is where i’ve gone, in fact, here i am, right now. aggro. grr.

last time this happened it was all about the panic. i had long since disconnected the old 56K in favour of my digicam hookup which needed the port, so i scrambled to unhook, rehook, reinstall, & reboot, not to mention my old fifty foot phonecord lifeline to whatever internet was in any house me & mr. puter lived in had become entangled with the other ten or 15 cords back there, so untangling took the most time. still, failure, but that did occupy me for the whole fifteen minutes or so i was offline last time this happened. this time i have no desire to get into that tangled mess i’ve woven, so instead i’ve fired up a copy of notepad & dumped this post into it. i may not actually post this but at least i’ve blogged &, having done so, feel better.

it’s green! we have internet! *(whew)*

15 thoughts on “internet addiction

  1. Jon, you can bump up to business DSL, upload rates vary, but it’s a lot better than 128K. Believe me, I’ve already checked T1 prices. In my area, I can get one installed at my house for $750/mo and that includes the local loop charge. So tempting.

  2. business DSL around these parts (thru SBC/PacBell) runs $160-$180/month. not too shabby – we have it at work & it is quite fast.

    would paying four to eight TIMES that amount for a T1 get you 4-8 times the speed? if not, the cheapskate in me would object. of course, for me, this is all a purely hypothetical exercise. i already spend too much on various connected-techie things, way, way too much.

  3. I can sooooo feel your pain. I have msn dial-up, but please don’t tell anyone, and if you are at all familiar with this service then you must know how often we, the customer, are filled with disappointment because of connection difficulties. I would choose another service, but see they tricked me into believing their’s was the only way to connect when I bought my first computer, and of course, I knew no better, so now I’m still waiting out the end of a three year contract. Again, please don’t tell anyone, ok? The shame is more than I can bare.

  4. you know, MSN nailed me on that “we’ll give you four hundred bucks to spend at Radio Shack right now” thingy. then they hit me with the “oh we’ll upgrade you to DSL if you pay us HALF the remaining dial-up contract”. then i couldn’t wait anymore & i got telocity/directDSL. too.

    if you ever hear me complaining i’m totally broke, well, this would be why. i’m an addict.

  5. Oh, how I would love to have dsl! or anything else for that matter … but we live in the boonies on a road jam packed with two whole houses, and can’t even get cable. Now again, please don’t tell folks we live this way. It’s almost as shameful as still having an outhouse in the yard.

  6. God, I want DSL. I have to make my darling husband understand that it’s REALLY NOT a waste of money. LOL I think he’s not quite as addicted as I am.

  7. it’s ok, Lee, these things happen. there are lots of people in this world that live too far from the CO & can’t get any kind of fast service.

    i don’t know a lot about it but have you looked into satellite access?

    oh, Skits? you need to use your best persuasion on hubby — really, he has no idea what he’s missing unless he tries it. you might try the music angle – being able to download mp3s in an efficient fashion is worth the price of admission right there.

  8. Hi, my name is and I couldn’t live without my DSL. I even convinced my mom to get it. Now she’s wondering how she suffered through 56k hell. I’m thinking about getting a cable modem also, just as a backup to my DSL. Get rid of some of my digital cable channels I don’t watch, and boom, it pays for itself. But I do feel your pain.

  9. about a year ago i was up at my parents house for a few weeks, & where they lived, you would never connect over 24000, usually lower than that. seriously, this is the only way they’d ever seen the internet. they couldn’t get DSL either, but they had AT&T digital cable, so i convinced them (finally) to spend that little bit of more money to go cable modem. they LOVE it.

    hmm… digital cable as a backup to DSL? that sounds like a good idea.

  10. I’m one of the unfortunate turds that often get connected @ 49333 (like right now). I really don’t like dial-up. Buuuut, between dial-up and nada, I’ll take my shtinking dial-up.

  11. I’m wondering these days if $1500 a month is too much for a private T1. I mean, I pay almost that much for rent, it’s at least that important right? With a T1 I could get some serious work done. 128K upload rates on a static IP DSL is is so…. limiting.

  12. Sometimes, when that happens, all you need to do is unplug the DSL modem for a few minutes and then start it up again.

    $1500 for RENT!! I pay less than 1/3 that and I even have a decent sized apt. Although, I do live in the middle of Missouri and I bet I couldn’t get a T-1 even if I wanted. Trade-offs.

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