it’s the voices

the ruminator’s entry on voices, both written & otherwise, got me thinking. this evening i spent the better part of an hour on the phone with a person i’d previously only known via online words. it’s always a different experience – for one thing, my voice takes people by surprise. several people have commented that they expected me to sound huskier, or gruffer. i don’t. i do have the lower registers for when i need them, for instance, i find they are helpful when communicating with small boy-children. but for most of the rest of the world, i have a soft, southern california accented voice. when my daughter lived with me, people would often mistake me for her, & visa-versa. this led to some interesting exchanges — no, i never took full advantage of that. not that i could have. i mean, when they went like, oh my god, like you know that thing that happened at school today, & i’d have to admit, like no…

i exaggerate. but only a little.

i love voices, both spoken & written. i love the different blog voices, & i especially love to be able to talk on the phone & compare the voice i get in my head, reading, with the one i hear. first you have to get past that awkwardness, this is difficult. however, i collect blogger phone numbers, in hopes there will be the opportunity to call sometime. probably half my phone memory is devoted to long distance friends, some of whom i’ve yet to work up the nerve to call.

there is a paradox at work here – i love to talk on the phone, but i have some issues – i hesitate, i procrastinate. my oldest friend just moved to korea & i was supposed to call before he left, i never did. *sigh* i love to talk, but i never call.

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  1. thanks for the link. fwiw, i was born in van nuys and am a valley-boy, but from before it was cool to be a valley-boy. i talk on the phone a great deal as part of my work. i remember well when it was difficult for me to do, because i’m naturally shy (ok, stop laughing). now it’s second nature (but i’ve been doing it for 20 years too). i never talked to my dad enough on the phone. he called very rarely. when i called him, he would talk for a few minutes, then invoke the “it’s your dime” clause and close. now i can no longer talk to him. pick up the phone.

  2. Yeah well now I’ll call you. I didn’t know I had long distance until today.

    And I’m plenty husky for the both of us … I think. Am I monotone? mellytone. Next time I’ll try to sound less wound up and more horny.

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