losing my religion

rainy sunday. new design for surreally (courtesy of bakiwop) ready to be templated & the move made to MT. motivation struck early & faded fast, as it became more & more apparent that even without importing the old entries, it’s still one helluva lotta work. it’s already afternoon & chris is home because of this weather & my son wants the computer (always these days) & … more excuses, got ’em around here somewhere.

such tasks need to be attacked with almost religious fervor. if i lose focus or get sidetracked during the process, it’s so difficult to get back into it. & i’m afraid from the get-go that if i don’t get it all put together before i lose track of my focus…

perhaps i should stop sabotaging my thought process & get to work. i love this new design so much.

7 thoughts on “losing my religion

  1. i’d like to say “i’m working on it” but “i’m avoiding it” is more like it. i keep going back & forth on the importing entries issue. it seems almost impossible with all the authors, plus how do you do that & still keep your site up & running! besides, out of my 18 authors, ONE has responded to an email warning of the changes. ack!

    (breathe, breathe)

  2. & it’s always been a favorite painting of mine, i wrote a poem inspired by it when i was like 16 or 17, http://surreally.com/morepoems/persistence.htm — & when i asked bakiwop to do up a new design, i don’t even think he knew about me loving that painting — i fell so instantly in love with that design, you have no idea. bakiwop, incedentally, is the source of the current zipper design — i can’t design my way out of a wet paper sack. what you’re looking at here, some stylesheet modifications to standard MT templates, is probably the height of my talent.

    thank goodness for bakiwop!

  3. Fabulous design, kd! I love the way the side buttons are set-up, the colors, the boxed style, everything … I know it is a lot of work, but I hope you do get around to using it. Love ya!

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