may i bum a cigarette please?

first of all i’m not doing that well on the not smoking issue. i haven’t had one today but i am decidedly homicidal & the drama of trying to install the dsl on the new computer nearly drove me to hysterics. oh my god. but let’s not dwell on the fact that i suck at things like network adapters. i see one. my computer sees one. my dsl modem does not. thankfully there is USB to the modem too. however i had to sacrifice my cool new USB keyboard & hook up old fashioned mr. grunge here, just to get on the internet. wait, this is dwelling, isn’t it?

ok (breathe) you know what? the new puter is yummy. it is quiet, & so fast. & you know what else? it smells heavenly. like a new electronic baby. oh my yes.

i’m probably going to get some cigarettes tonight. i don’t think the combination of my current hormonal condition, the impending installation of a network hub to get both puters on the ‘net, & quitting smoking, is wise. not wise at all. i’d rather take minutes or even hours off my own life with a few more cigarettes than take years off of someone else’s life if they happen to piss me off at the wrong moment. like if they came in the kitchen & caught me sniffing my new puter & maybe mentioned that that looked weird… that would do it. that would indeed do it.

it does smell incredible.

11 thoughts on “may i bum a cigarette please?

  1. Drooling heavily here. There’s just something way sexy about a new machine! Not just the smell, either–there’s the getting to know you purr.

  2. Even if you choose to get a chair and stop sitting on the tower, you’ll never be satisfied without that high-speed whir of a ultra-wide hard drive……..
    ……god, you’d think I knew what I was talking about……

  3. say-say, i cannot imagine a box fulla new puter sitting anywhere around me for more than a second or two.

    but then, i’m an addict, so…

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