monday bloody monday

this is the third start i’ve made on this. i end up whining way too hard, or bitching much too much. can i leave it at ?it was a shitty-ass day? & get on with it? one can only hope.

the only bright spot in the day is the great sale on fosters twelvepacks at the store, the fact i have advil for the aches that ail me, & that it’s still somewhat early & i may yet get some work done. if i may just whine a little? why is IE5 on a mac so utterly different from IE on a PC? why does netscape suck so bad in general? on an unrelated whine, why did my hosting company not believe me when i was right about everything all along, & why did it take a day & a half to get my co-hostee bad samaritan‘s scripting back online? why? why?

i was going to not whine, wasn’t i? sorry.

well then. uhhh. here we are, aren’t we? no more whining. so i have to admit i got nothin’ otherwise. oh well, [brightening considerably] i do have this beer. i had a dream last night in which i was thinking i should be giving up the beer. but then there were all those bears, & my hairy legs, out there in public & all, so there were many more urgent concerns than the liver problems of old homeless women. uh-huh. that was the dream that started this monday. no wonder, eh?

11 thoughts on “monday bloody monday

  1. not till after i’m done with them. i need a frosty drink & a backrub right now, so they will be busy for awhile.

  2. there very well might be such a place – Vegas has all manner of “services” you know.

    however, the Bahamas sounds good too. or, maybe Tahiti? somewhere real far away…

  3. I think there is a spa there (Vegas) that is reasonable $wise and gives massages – I’ve never had a “real” one. Something to think about!

    I’d take Tahiti – if there were guaranteed cabana boys – but no, actually, can we make that a pub in Wales? Beer’d be better and I’m sure we could find someone to give massages there too! Oh scratch that – let’s make it New Zealand. I think that’s as away as you can get! I’ll buy the first round, mate!

  4. I’m pretty sure you need a vacation in the Bahamas. With cute cabana boys to fetch you smart little cocktails and scamper after your every request. Wait…. No….. That’s what *I* need. I gotta go…..

  5. well, my blog yesterday (monday) was about how I broke out into an acapella/acoustic version of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like A Wolf” in the most terrifying moment in my dream…So no need to feel so bad about your dream KD…sometimes a dream is just a dream and Duran Duran song is just a DD song….I hope….lol

  6. You can always pretend to come to Ireland with me. It helped me to play with the idea for a few days, maybe it will you. I almost convinced myself to actually plan it when I saw that Jon has been there, but well … I would need real money and I ain’t got none …

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