more morning changes

so we now have two running puters in the house – the old one is now in the living room & has been designated the little guy’s very own computer. now, my first stop of the day is always email & a few weblogs, so morning computing is something my son is very familiar with. this morning, after we got him dressed, instead of tuning in to nickelodeon or disney channel, he turned on his puter.

today the adventure with ethernet hubs begins. hopefully (i think i figured it out) the reason the dsl modem failed to see the network adapter is that i had first switched the dsl over to multiple computer support — i think it was trying to look for it over the doesn’t-exist-yet network. i hope. that would make it easy – just plug, set up DHCP, & away we go, theoretically.

in any case, the boy requested a piece of danish (hasn’t started asking for coffee — yet), & sat down at the keyboard. poked around a little: ?mommy? i don’t have the internet yet?? poor kid. i hope i can get this network thingy running today.

8 thoughts on “more morning changes

  1. i have the hub & cables right here in my hot little hands, i’ll be hooking the boy up as soon as i get home. ’cause if i don’t, that’s all i’m gonna hear about… sheesh! these kids today! spoiled little brats!

  2. My girl is 2 1/2 and she sits next to me and plays on the Mac. She even knows how to pop in a DVD and play it. That’s my girl.

    Since her dad, that would be me, has been a computer nut since birth – we’re not hurting for computers or bandwidth. My mom even gave her a toy laptop for x-mas. So when I’m downstairs werking, she’ll get her laptop and emulate me.

  3. How old is he? That is AWESOME!!!

    My son just turned three and he loves playing games on the computer. I can’t wait till the day he complains about not having a net connection. 🙂

  4. he’s 4 — & he’s used to having (where the selection of games is absolutely fantastic), so having a non-connected computer really bugs him. at least has microsoft pinball & those little xmen cd-roms he got in happy meals, & the a-b-c game i made him out of a java-applet button generator.

    he does all this so intuitively, makes me wish that i grew up around computers like that.

  5. my kid started on the computer at age 3. he’s almost 14 and he still has no interest in the tech side. he learned what he needed to play games and surf – that’s it. so don’t count on your kid becoming a computer whiz by osmosis.

  6. Man, the thought of having to teach these kids someday just blows my mind! They’re gonna be so tech knowledgable! It’s gonna be amazing… (just hope I can keep up with them!)

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