my life is a lit lyric

?It’s no suprise to me I am my own worst enemy
‘Cause every now and then I kick the living sh*t out of me?

*sigh*. so i knew i was supposed to go to court. not a traffic or criminal matter (i’m a good girl now) but a financial one, & a fairly serious thing at that. so this morning i dug the paper out of the huge box of stuff that i stuffed in a huge box before one of the last relative visits, to see what time i’m supposed to be there.

it was yesterday.

10 thoughts on “my life is a lit lyric

  1. Sorry to hear about that – it’s why I have to write things on my hand, or else I forget. No notes, no mental notes for sure. But what caught my eye was the Lit lyrics – more often than not, mine is based on some of theirs, too! “You make me come… you make me complete… you make me completely miserable….”

    Great album. [/off topic]

  2. don’t worry, i’m totally going to go deal with it today. i really, really had the third in my mind for the date…

    i should learn not to make mental notes. they’re not worth the paper they are written on.

  3. actually, missing the court thing is not such a bad thing, since my stragegy here is to stall both the people who sued me last year, my evil ex roommate & the guy who leased me a lemon car, until i can just go bankrupt, plus, there’s a ton of medical bills i’ll never be able to pay… long story.

    anyway the problem is, it COSTS MONEY to go bankrupt. a lot of money. so i have to stall till i work that out. “i forgot” is a good an excuse as any to buy me a couple more weeks…

  4. financial woes seem to be a common theme wherever i go. we have avoided bankruptcy (by the grace of God because of extra work that came my way), and just finished paying off some good-sized medical bills. i know what this is like and can really relate. the stress level can be immense as well. take care lady.

  5. well, if it makes you feel any better, i’ve gone bankrupt twice – and the second time, which was the one where you have to make payments, i had to drop out and let them dismiss it after i paid for two years. so now i’m getting the dunning letters all over again, only with interest.

    no, that wouldn’t make you feel any better, would it? you’re not that kind of person. well, i’m sure you’ll get it all straightened out. look at how you’ve managed to build this little web community. you are amazing.

  6. Oh suck, suck suck. You sound so much like me. I missed my appointment last friday that I thought was this friday…man almighty. And I always boast a “fantastic memory.”


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