my son learns the truth

my babysitter could only do a half day today. so, i asked my boss if we had an extra puter around that would amuse the boy, & being the nice guy that he is, he tossed one together out of some rather clunky old spare parts. (work in a small tech business in which your boss is retired but hangs out to play with the toys, is my advice)

so here we are, & while we were waiting for the new/old puter to reboot yet again, i sat down & got back to trying to get these ODBC drivers to hook up with a remote server, something that’s been giving me fits all morning. my son came up to me & said, what are you doing? & i said, i’m working. & he said, no you’re not, you’re computing! & i told him this is what i do for work. so i just told a four year old budding computer whiz that people have jobs playing with computers. his eyes got REAL big.

6 thoughts on “my son learns the truth

  1. Is this a great country or what? They actually pay us for this! I love it when I say things like, “get these ODBC drivers to hook up with a remote server”, and people’s eye glaze over like I’m speaking Martain. I always hear this little “Cha-ching!”

  2. there was definitely a method to my madness bringing him here to spend some time. (it’s not like i’m getting a lot of work done)… my “office” is also where they build the computers, so it’s full of electronics & tools, & then there’s mommy, getting paid to play on the internet. he knows that work = money & that money = all kinds of cool things, i just don’t think he realized that computers can = work.

  3. one of these days i’ll retire from my real job and work as a sysadm on linux boxen. i do plenty of that anyway, and i mess with them all the time just because i’m curious. i might as well get paid for it! 🙂

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