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my son came to work with me today, he was rather unimpressed with my pet, albert. ?it doesn’t do very much?, he said. he poked at it for awhile, & looked at me strangely. probably it is not good for a child’s sense of security to find out mommy’s gone mad. he took it pretty seriously though, & later on observed that ?pets need toys?. so we let him hang out with the little green intel guy. they seemed happy.

albert seems to think just not eating him isn’t enough. he thinks i ought to start exercising, & probably quit smoking again. he’s really becoming quite a pain. *sigh* he’s right though.

in other news, i really liked the bugs on this truck.

& now for the weather: i went outside & had this curious sensation. it took me awhile to place it but i finally realised it felt just like standing in front of an open freezer. impressive clouds billowing all over the place but a big clear patch with a huge, full or almost-full moon. gorgeous night. the forecast for tomorrow is: snow.

7 thoughts on “news & weather

  1. I LOVE the truck bugs!
    I want some too!
    Except the front of my car’s already covered with bugs.
    Ah, swampland.

    Pat Albert on the head for me.

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